Google mobile-only by March 2021

The Internet is increasingly mobile, traffic data from mobile devices are clear. So webmasters and i SEO have long known that a site or any content ends up on the web must be thought of and designed primarily for mobile. Indeed Google launched the ’indexing mobile-first as early as 2016.    They must be present meta tag identical robots: if the instructions of the meta robots (noindex, nofollow) on the mobile version differ from the desktop version, there may be problems with scanning and indexing. The content of the websites must match: if the content is different in the mobile version and in the desktop version, this can result in a loss of traffic. The content of the website should therefore correspond so that Google can continue to retrieve the relevant information for the search results pages.

Google mobile-first index will exclude all desktop content

Studio Samo Pro Minidegree Until the recent Netherlands WhatsApp Number List statement of John Mueller.  The Webmaster Trends Analyst of Google, which, setting a precise time limit, created a little ’ of agitation among the experts.  Google Mobile First Index will exclude all desktop content Mueller added some.  Important details and news on the mobile-first index of Google, which has long been rewarding the sites mobile friendly. Breaking news is that the desktop version of a site will be completely deleted from the Google index.

3 tips for preparing for Google mobile-only

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Elimination from the index Lebanon Phone Number List of Google of the desktop version of the sites. Would not only concern web pages, but also images and all other related resources. This is what John Mueller said during the Pubcon Pro Virtual 2020.“ We are now indexing the web almost completely using a Googlebot for smartphones. Which corresponds much more to what users would actually see when they search. It is true that in the future we will only index mobile content.  And the final deadline we set is March 2021 “.