Google provides advice on best practices for mobile devices

If your mobile site has less content than your desktop site, evaluate the possibility of updating the site for mobile devices so that its main content is equivalent to your desktop site. Almost all of your site’s indexing comes from the mobile site. It cannot be clearer than that. A warning is added to this advice: While designers may be tempted to improve mobile usability by removing content, this can result in traffic losses. Our recommendation is to devote time to training all interested parties involved in a site and justify why it is important to work on viewing content intuitively for mobile users, rather than hiding or removing them.

Do not confuse mobile-first indexing and mobile usability

In summary, the key Morocco WhatsApp Number List factors to consider for consistency between mobile and desktop sites are: Structured data; Metadata; Meta tag robot; Ad placement; Images and videos. It is important to keep the same elements on mobile and desktop devices to avoid problems that could arise from Google provides advice indexing mobile-first. 6. An entire one is available guide on mobile-first indexing best practices, published by Google “ to guarantee your users the best experience ”. This is an excellent point of reference for any SEO or marketer who needs to focus on indexing mobile-first. In particular, the guide invites you to follow the following best practices: Make sure that Googlebot can access content and view it correctly; Make sure the contents are the same for desktop computers and mobile devices.

The speed of the page is extremely important

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Check the structured data; Insert Iran Phone Number List the same metadata into both versions of the site; Check the placement of ads; Check visual content ( images and videos ); Additional best practices for separate URLTroubleshooting mobile device issues. It is important to take some time to read the guide carefully and refer to it if you experience problems resulting from the transition of a site to a version for mobile devices. 7. Do not confuse Google provides advice mobile-first indexing and mobile usability An important thing to understand is that indexing mobile-first is mobile usability they are not the same thing. Google’s John Mueller said about it: A site may or may not be usable from a mobile point of view, but it may still contain all the content we need for mobile-first indexing.low.