You can test how mobile a site is

There is only one index and indexing mobile-first refers to the Googlebot that scans and indexes a site, not to the index of the web pages that Google owns. In essence, where websites have equivalent content on their mobile and desktop sites.  They are unlikely to suffer any impact from the transition to mobile-first indexing. You can test Before this transition, Google first scanned a desktop site and considered a mobile site as an alternative version, if it found one.

A website should provide the same

Now the mobile version of a site is Mexico WhatsApp Number List the main one. 4. You can test how mobile a site is You can easily and quickly test a website’s mobile optimization using the Google mobile-friendly test tool. Just enter the URL of a web page to identify any usability problems on mobile devices. Although, as we will see You can test below, mobile usability and mobile-first indexing are not the same thing, it is important to understand how Google scans the mobile version of a site. Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool In this case, the page passes the mobile optimization test but reports a number of page loading problems that may require further investigation. A particular problem to watch out for are blocked resources, something that Google explains by saying that if a blocked resource is important, it could have an important effect on how Google interprets the page.

Experience on mobile and desktop devices

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A website should provide the Indonesia Phone Number List same experience on mobile and desktop devices.  Google recommends that a website should provide the same experience on mobile and.  Desktop devices, which is especially important when it comes to content. In particular, its guidelines for first mobile indexing they say. You can test This affects both the mobile usability score and Google’s ability to scan your page. Make sure that important resources are not blocked to . Googlebot by robots.txt and that they are accessible in general. “ You can also analyze the mobile usability of a site by visiting the corresponding tab in the menu “ . Improvements ” in Search Console, which allows you to see any errors that require verification.