Google mobile-first how indexing works

These researches are nothing more than the consequence of the change in people’s research habits on the web and the now universal adoption of mobile devices all over the world and in every aspect of ours life. Already in 2016 Google announced the intention to modify its algorithms, which had always been based on the desktop version of a site, in the direction of an approach mobile-first. After four years, we can find an almost complete transition from Google to indexing mobile-first.

What is Google’s mobile-first indexing

Confirming this, the recent Malaysia WhatsApp Number List statement of john mueller. Within march 2021, the indexing of the desktop version of a. Site will be permanently deleted. Each content, therefore. From now on, will be indexed by .Google mobile-first. Studio samo pro minidegree given the importance of this google update. Which does not only concern seo and marketer but all users of the web, you must pay .Close attention to it. That’s why we need to understand what indexing means mobile-first and how. Best to optimize our websites. What is google’s mobile-first indexing if we analyze the. Analytics of any site, especially with a broad time horizon. We immediately .Realize that most of the traffic comes from mobile devices. Since this trend is unstoppable and definitive (unless smartphones .Go out of style, but it is highly unlikely), it is easy to understand why the mobile version of .A website should take precedence and why google recognizes it with indexing mobile-first..

Things to know about Google’s mobile-first indexing

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In Best practices for Hong Kong Phone Number List prioritization of content for mobile devices Google clearly says. Mobile-first indexing means that Google mainly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and positioning. As we said, in the years preceding this transition, Googlebot it mainly scanned the desktop version of a website to determine the relevance of a page to a query research, but since then we have moved on to variants for mobile devices. It is also true that most companies and sites, intelligently, will not have major concerns, having adopted, for example, templates responsive, which adapt to the screens of any device.