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This is because one of the mission Google was to “ indoctrinate ” web masters and web designers on making them increasingly responsible for providing high quality content on high quality sites. Mobile First Indexing is just another example of the fact that things change gradually on the internet and i brand (large or small) will have to put aside their previous strategies and perfect what will be absolutely essential if they want to continue positioning themselves on Google. How to optimize your website for May 2021 Certainly there is good news in everything we have written so far.

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The good news is that Latvia WhatsApp Number List everyone has New labels in the opportunity to prepare, because five months of time are not a few. In truth, the good news is many and among the main ones there is also the one that for years we have had a series of tools at our disposal to monitor and test the metrics of our site web like: Web Vitals Extension Chrome UX Report Chrome Dev Tools These tools are just some of the many that we can find online but they are the basis from which to start in order to make a website workflow with a view to May 2021. 1) Check how the mobile version of the website behaves.

Since Google has made it clear that this is its priority

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If we want to check out China Phone Number List our mobile website, New labels in we can start with a visual scan. We examine the main pages of our website starting directly from a search in the Google SERP. Do the pages have all the information necessary to answer the questions that our potential customers could look for? Is something missing? An image or video? By performing a visual check, we can quickly find all those gaps in the mobile version. Using the tool PageSpeed Insights Google, you can crawl any specific page very quickly and easily to see how much scaffolding the mobile website ( and desktop ) gets in Google speed scale.