Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

SEO and UX comes the new concept of Search  Optimization or, to put it more quickly, SXO. To make navigation simple and functional it is necessary to build a logical site architecture , which allows the user to quickly understand how to find what he is looking for. A bad UX annoys the user but also the search engine, because the more a page is hidden in the site’s architecture, the greater the effort the crawler has to make to locate and evaluate it. Obviously SXO requires that websites be optimized for mobile devices , mobile first has been known for many years now , because we all browse on smartphones and expect to land on easily navigable pages.

UX and SEO go hand in hand even

When you need to improve Kuwait Phone Number List loading speed . A site that loads content slowly is not liked by users or Google. SEO and SEA: two acronyms for one purpose Site optimization and search engine advertising have a common starting point: the use of keywords. In addition to this shared foundation, SEO and SEA also agree on their primary purposes. Both digital marketing methodologies aim to drive traffic to a website . They are not competing tools at all, on the contrary they work synergistically to improve conversions, because.

SEO gives results in the medium long term

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Does not require a budget beyond that Uk Phone Number List needed to implement and. Manage the activities SEA gives immediate results. But requires an advertising budget, in addition to that needed to implement and . Manage the activities Optimizing a site to make it appear among  . Attracting the user, because SERP ads are often avoided. The reasoning is simple  if I buy advertising to appear at . The top of the search engine for a certain keyword and position SEO friendly content for the same keyword. I have a greater chance of converting. : two connected worlds It might seem that what happens on Google stays on Google and what happens on social media stays on social media, but this is not the case at all.