What is Mobile First Indexing

First Indexing Mobile First Indexing is nothing more than the way Google will use the content on each mobile website to place content on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Based  on the mobile first rank position, Google will change the way it has looked at desktop websites for decades and show a clear one preference for the user experience of mobile devices (UX).   The Mobile First Indexing, as already mentioned, provides that Google crawls the mobile site and then crawling the desktop site.

The importance of analyzing

This may include written Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number List content, images, etc. The importance   of analyzing the online behavior of competitors In marketing it has always been essential to study the behavior of competitors and the various SEOs and UX tools help us to monitor the strategies of digital marketing gods competitor. Comparative analysis is fundamental to understanding what our competitors are doing, because it allows us to find out if they are doing something on which we could capitalize or if, on the contrary, there is something wrong with their website that we may need to do even better.

The online behavior of competitors

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We look not only at what they are Cambodia Phone Number List and are not doing, but we also consider   how their user experience differs from ours, both positively and negatively. In this way, we will gain a better understanding of where we will probably go once Google implements its new updates. Why is Mobile First Pose a challenge? For years, website designers and developers have worked tirelessly to build websites for mobile devices that load quickly and look clean. Just think that Google made 3,200 changes in 2018 to the search engine only. Many of us have not even noticed it except for the announcements, more or less official, by Google itself.