SEO for voice search

The universe SEO it is always on the move, those who optimize web content for search engines know it well. Know i Trend SEO 2021 it is essential, especially if we consider that today 70% -80% of web traffic passes from organic research results – and 28% of these visits generate one conversion. A truly effective SEO strategy not only follows the latest SEO trends, but manages to handle them carefully and rides those that will assert themselves in the future.

Mobile first, more and more

Studio samo pro minidegree here Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List are 5 trend seo 2021 flagship to . Climb the serp now and for a long time. Seo for voice search voice research is a very .Relevant trend seo 2021 because it is destined to take on .More and more. The forecasts, in fact, are clear: by 2022 more .Than 55% of families will have a smart speaker at home such as alexa.Siri or google assistant. To optimize content for the voice search. We have to think about how we would look verbally for what we need on the web. We usually use long sentences for voice research, while when we .Type the query in the search bar we are more concise.The advice is therefore to choose long tail keyword for voice search and discard dry keywords.

The future is of Videos

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An example? If you are writing UK Email List an article about how to make a blog up WordPress, choose the keyword “ how to open a blog on WordPress ” rather than “ open WordPress blog ”. Mobile first, more and more By 2025 more than 70% of users will surf exclusively from smartphones. It is no coincidence that one of the main factors of ranking Google is precisely the usability of the mobile version of the websites. SEO caregivers should optimize mobile first, under penalty of exclusion from SERP now and in the future most likely mobile only. How to do? With Google Search Console you can evaluate the Usability report on mobile devices and inspect the URL to verify that Google correctly scans it. Then there is the issue of lazy-loading, those contents that are not automatically loaded when the page is launched, but require the user to click.