What are duplicate content

In an ideal situation on the response page you should find a ranking based on the relevance What are  of the contents with respect to the question asked, each with a certain degree of differentiation that makes it unique. This pleases the user and, consequently, also the algorithm.  The developer page already mentioned above states that.You can also find yourself in a position to have different versions of the same website. Typical cases are those in which you have URL with or without the  URL parameters can generate pages twins in the eyes of the search engine.

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“In the rare cases where we realize Indonesia WhatsApp Number List that duplicate  When it is not possible to write different texts for each page, as already mentioned for the product descriptions on e-commerce (e.g. black, green, red, brown cotton socks), you have to clearly tell Google what to do when its robot is preparing to analyze those contents. The tools most used by SEO specialists to manage duplicate content are: Redirect 301 canonical Meta tag noindex Google URL Parameters tool  In the same way, Google analyzes the contenders of the SERP and heavily punishes those who go out to screw the system and the public who use it.

Frequent cases of duplication of content

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By now anyone who approaches Switzerland Email List SEO knows that What are  taking entire parts of texts from one site and bringing them back to another is incorrect and, above all, deleterious for the ranking, but sometimes content is duplicated without even knowing it. Eg, copy to a web page a considerable part of the company site of an article published on the blog connected to it for Google means having duplicated that content. The same problem may be present in the e-commerce in which several product pages are identical because of the descriptions of objects or services that differ in very few details (dimensions, colors, compatibility with specific devices).