Sometimes the Test Will Break Our Hearts

The process of moving on is sometimes very painful, but there is nothing more painful in this life than being stuck in a life that is no longer ours.

We will learn from it.

We will definitely not repeat the same mistakes again in this life.

One of the most rewarding moments in life is when you finally find the courage to let go of what you can’t change.

Seriously the heart will not be calm if you always remember

There are many memories of the past that we Phone Number List hope can be erased, but it is impossible. Let it be.

Pray to God to be blessed with a more meaningful and better future.

Therefore, prepare yourself to be better.

Who knows tomorrow there will be something more beautiful? have to keep praying.

When we let go, we make room for better things to come into our lives.
God’s love is shown in many ways.

Among them is the test.

Sometimes fate doesn’t need us to understand why and wherefore.

All we need is to accept with pleasure.

Sometimes, for our soul to be strong, it needs to be tested.

Maybe God will let our hearts be broken many times until we feel there is no more hope in this world.

And that will make us have hope only for Allah alone.

— But from that broken heart we will become better..

Sometimes when God wants to give something, we have to let go

We, as human beings, must be satisfied.

Just believe that Allah always gives something good to us.

Even if it’s not good now, it will be good soon enough.

So learn to let go insha Allah if we are satisfied there must be something better

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Healing Wounds In The Heart Takes ICTP Conference 2017 Time.. Be Patient.
Even though he is the strongest human being, he still has weaknesses.

I know your feelings of fear and uncertainty. Your heart is confused.

But you have to let go of the past.

As long as you’re still trying to hold on because you’re afraid to let go, true happiness will never come.


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