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The basic steps to take to maintain the effectiveness of evergreen content are as follows: Keep track of all published evergreens. Having an evergreen table of contents makes it easier to track them. Identify the topics that need to be updated. To carry out a targeted update intervention If you think it is necessary to be clear which parts of the content are obsolete and which are not. Find authoritative sources from which to obtain the information necessary for the update.The quality of the content must be maintained, which is why we must dedicate time to finding correct news and insights. Check that the technical SEO elements are still sufficient to maintain the ranking of the web page.

Ranking factors change and the web page

Must keep up with Google Israel Phone Number List also from a technical point of view (example: mobile first, loading speed, UX). Promptly carry out the optimization interventions necessary to regain good positioning in SERP. Once the technical problem has been identified, it is necessary to intervene on it and recheck the performance of the page. Take care of CTAs if you notice a drop If you think  in leads despite normal traffic. The call to action written five years ago may no longer catch the attention of a user today. To exploit all the potential of evergreen content, you can link to it other content that delves into topics covered only superficially. In this case the updates must also involve the links.

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An editorial plan, evergreen Malaysia Phone Number List contents must be constantly included. To continue to have an increasingly qualified and broad traffic base.  Cornerstones to build your company’s SEO strategy Digital marketing strategies are increasingly . Complex and technologically assisted, but if the basics are missing. The SEO castle falls. Let’s see 3 pillars on which to If you think  build a good optimization plan. Last updated: 19 April 22 Reading time 4 minutes Luca Lanzoni . Written by Luca Lanzoni basics of SEO strategy Content index . SEO starts from the analysis of your company . Optimize for your buyer personas The search engine dictates the rules (and changes them)  your website to the top of . Google you just need to use a tool, know that technology applied to marketing has made giant strides in recent years but they are not enough to set aside human reasoning .

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