SEO cannot be done by ignoring zero click results

SEO cannot be There is no mystery in the term “ zero-click result ” or “ zero-click result ,” because it means exactly what you expect: A comprehensive response from Google that does not link to a site external to the search engine. Examples of this type of result can be seen by asking a . VIP’s age or what the weather will be like in a location. Google offers zero-click answers in different formats. Direct Answer . It is generally a short answer that is given directly by the search engine. Unlike featured snippets.  Google direct answers contain only facts. Knowledge Panel . “Information cards are windows with information that are shown on Google when you search for entities (people, places, organizations or things) in the Knowledge Graph”.

Google search results sometimes show listings

Where the snippet describing Singapore Phone Number List a page comes before a link to a page. Results displayed in this way are called “featured snippets”. The objective that Google wants to achieve through these different proposals that it . Presents in SERP is to SEO cannot be  create an increasingly better experience for the user. What weight do non-click responses have? If in 2019 more than half of the answers given by the search engine did not require a further click, a year later zero-click searches were 64.82% of the total searches made by users all over the world  data taken from Similar Web and  infographics  .

Practically when we type a query

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Dictate it vocally we have a better India Phone Number List chance of reading an answer while remaining on the SERP than of going to an external site. Obviously this is only valid for some questions. Those that do not require a long and detailed explanation.  Immediately after the release of the aforementioned data. That it was not possible that almost 65% of the answers did not include a click to land on an external site. In any case, it is important to stop and think.  most likely. The reason is simple: users really like it .  Because they are increasingly dominant and because they can represent the best positioning to show the authority of those who provide the answer.

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