Management of separate mobile sites and desktops

An extreme example, let’s take something like a PDF file: on a mobile device it would be terrible to navigate. It would be difficult to click on the links; the text would be difficult to read. But all the text is still there and we could index it perfectly with the mobile-first indexing. All this means that Googlebot for smartphones could scan pages that are not considered optimized for mobile devices. But this does not mean that the mobile usability of a page does not affect the mobile Management of separate positioning of a site. If you offer a poor experience, hiding content or images, if the site has other problems with mobile devices, these are all things that could affect the classification of the page and its positioning.

Prepare a site for Google mobile-first

It must always be remembered Namibia WhatsApp Number List that we must focus on optimization not only for Googlebot, but also for users who visit the site, who must be offered the best possible browsing experience. 8. The speed of the page is extremely important Nobody wants to browse a page or a slow website. There is a risk Management of separate that the user will become impatient and abandon.   Actually having a low page speed probably acts as a downgrade factor rather than the other way around. 9. Management of separate mobile sites and desktops The last point, no less important, is how to manage indexing effectively and efficiently mobile-first when you have separate mobile sites and desktops. We recommend following these directions: Be sure to correctly implement the rel = canonical and rel = elements alternated between the mobile and desktop versions of your site.

Make sure that the desktop pages of the site have

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Make sure that the robots.txt Italy Phone Number List file on both versions does not prevent scanning of key parts of the site. In particular, make sure that the mobile site does Management of separate not block i crawler. Carefully check the implementation of  . To make sure that desktop URLs refer to desktop URLs and vice versa for mobile URLs. Configure and verify both versions of the site in the Google Search Console to allow us access to all data, notices and messages. corresponding mobile pages.

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