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We have always written and said in our articles dedicated to SEO that, before any technical trick or error correction, the first optimization to be done in the field of technical SEO is that of make navigability of the site as simple as   possible for the end user. Studio Samo Pro Minidegree In addition to provide real content value to the public,   our website must be easy to Check the publication use and navigate. This means having only the pages you really need, creating a streamlined layout, possibly with a minimalist theme that makes it clear and easy to find.

 Reactivity makes the user experience unified

This aspect is vital because Kuwait WhatsApp Number List we must never forget that Google, like any other search engine, scan websites from top to bottom and more obstacles you encounter (side code)  the more Check the publication you will find it difficult to find the information you need. On the other hand, as we said, there are users who almost always need answers as quickly as possible and if within a couple of seconds they don’t get them, they go looking for them elsewhere.

What will Google do from early 2021 until May

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To read: 3 tips for preparing China Phone Number List for .Google mobile-   only core web vitals: the importance of .The user experience within a website in 2021 the best seo and ux .Strategies will have to Check the publicationcon sider the user experience .Because the ux has been a determining factor for seo for some years, especially .When we think   about the speed of web pages and. Mobile optimization. I core web vitals. Cited at the beginning of the articles, they are a set of specific factors that. Google considers important for the overall user experience .Of a web page.

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