Blog full of content that is not useful for e-commerce SEO

This golden rule does not only apply to blog articles and the company website, it applies above all to product pages that you would certainly like to see appear among the first results of the SERP. It doesn’t matter if the text is copied from that of a competitor ‘s e-commerce site, from the supplier’s site, from documents found online or from other pages of your shop, duplicating content is penalizing. Blog full of  It’s hard work, but you have to take care of every text you publish on your e-commerce site and if you publish different pages of similar products , therefore with practically identical descriptions, you have to resort to technical expedients such as the no index, no follow , canonical meta tags

Presence of many useless web pages

An e-commerce that has been online for Latvia Phone Number List several years and/or has a frequent turnover of items can accumulate tens, hundreds, thousands of pages that no longer provide any advantage . This translates into a useless effort for Google, which spends part of the crawler ‘s time in unprofitable analysis. The waste of crawl budget is penalized , which is why SEO specialists increasingly suggest pruning of useless content. 6 Unintelligible (non-speaking) URLs URLs also make a difference in SEO. You cannot let this element be automatically generated with symbols and letters that form a string incomprehensible to the human eye.

One of the optimization best practices consists in creating talking URLs

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What we can consider “web Spain Phone Number List addresses” that suggest the content of the pages. Talking URLs must be consistent with the keywords and content that will appear before the eyes of users. If a person looks at the URL and understands exactly where they are.  Blog full of  going, they will feel more confident while browsing. You could say that this is also a small piece in the UX mosaic.   Specialists often suggest inserting a blog into e-commerce . So as to attract that target audience that is still looking for.  Information about the products services you sell or the world around them. Opening a blog, however, does not mean having to fill it by constantly writing articles on the most varied topics.

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