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Dealing with Fear and

Uncertainty in Government By Gordon Lee Salmon Year Month Day. Welcome to a new bi-weekly blog discussing issues relate to the intersection of government leadership and executive training. Let me first Iceland Phone Number List introduce myself. I was a certifie executive coach working for three federal government agencies for 20 years until my retirement last year. For my last ten years  of the Commonwealth Consulting GroupManager of Lead Development and Executive Coaching The Group is a fee-for-service consulting firm within the National Business Center at the Department of the Interior. While working and coaching leaders across government I have come to realize the issues and challenges.

That keep most executives

Up at night and that make government leadership a challenge. This blog will explore many of those topics and explore. Them by sharing my perspectives and providing a link to a resource for further reading that explores the topic in more depth than can be found in a blog. I would like to introduce readers to a wonderful resource that anyone can use calld Italy Phone Number the Professional Coaching Library. is an internet-base hub that provides a curate collection of resources relatd to the field and discipline of professional coaching. The library contains a growing collection of articles, research briefs, and white papers that will become the ultimate free internet-base source of information on professional coaching.

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