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It is an easily searchable database of high-quality peer-reviewd content that you can trust. So let’s start with the topic of fear and uncertainty. This topic is coming up more and more in my conversations with my coaching clients and other executive coaches. Government agencies are once again facing uncertainty as Congress is unable to meet the challenge of  the debt and trying to balance the budget. Agencies are still facing ongoing resolutions on budget approvals that put future funding in question and the create by many proposals to limit or  the size of government can be unsettling. All of this creates fear and uncertainty about change.

In her book Fearless

Karin Sloan asks leaders many questions in the face of change in uncertain times. Such as how our organizations serve a greater purpose. What we truly value, how leaders adapt to rapid change that is Hong Kong Phone Number List unpredictable or particularly controllable, what are the things I can control, and what are the things I cannot influence. Karin believes fearlessness is the confidence that we can create positive outcomes no matter what the circumstances. She proposes four fearless practices: Accepting the status quo Focusing on the future Build relationships and community See challenges as opportunities Practice physical and mental discipline. If you would like to learn more about the concepts and strategies for applying them.

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Below to access a sample chapter from the book. What are the biggest fears you see in your organization If you have any thoughts on what you read or other topics to be covere in the future, please leave a comment. Links Tags Budget Executive Coaching Job Relate Content Data Makes a Difference. Case Study of How a Tribal-Owne Casino Unleashe the Iran Phone Number Power of Data Cover. Abstract Image of a Person and the Shapes Around the Brain Make Mental Health Awareness a Priority Comments Leave a Comment You must be logge in to post a comment. Suzy Pomeranz 2019-03-27 Great post Lee Log in to reply Leor 2019-03-26 Thank you for your great post.

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