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The best way to start a strategy focused on acquiring backlinks, especially if e-commerce has existed for some time, is to carry out an audit to understand whether the links come from authoritative or low-qualified sites, but also to discover broken or which lead to incorrect pages. You don’t just need to pay attention to external links, but also internal ones.  a content present on the e-commerce improves navigation and, since this helps users, Google also likes it.  You shouldn’t stuff your e-commerce site with internal links, because using them without criteria could be counterproductive. 4. Eliminate technical problems from e-commerce E-commerce almost always consists of many, many pages and always having everything under control is not easy, but this does not mean that ignoring some technical problems is tolerable.

Optimization also concerns images

Which are essential for selling Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List something on Appropriately connecting online stores but, sometimes, Not used to facilitate the search engine. You must insert the keywords in the title tag . The title of the images, and write truthful descriptions of the content in the alt tag . The alternative text. The photographs that are uploaded to e-commerce also definitely. Influence the loading speed of the pages, for this reason the dimensions of the. Images must also be taken care of . Regarding ux in general, it is important to remember that it has become a ranking. Factor for google (since may 2021). Sites, therefore also e-commerce. Are also evaluated based on characteristics that .Concern the user experience, which is why we discuss google page experience .Given the ever-increasing use of smartphones and tablets to browse the internet

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The on-site optimization Appropriately connecting of online Mexico Email List stores must focus on mobile versions. A non-mobile-first e-commerce site loses many sales opportunities , often it loses them all. 3. External and internal links weigh on e-commerce ranking One of the main factors that  . Google analyzes to establish the positioning of a site in SERP is the number of backlinks . This ranking factor is also vital for e-commerce , because the more quality links come from outside, the greater the authority in the eyes of the king of search engines.

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