Apple vs Google, the search engine war

Insistent rumors, chasing each other since this summer, say that Apple is about to take the field in the battle of search engines which, for many years, he sees Google as the tool most used by users around the world to search for information. The Financial Times he collected a number of clues which would seem to confirm this hypothesis. First of all, the improvement of the search functions which were introduced with iOS 14, the latest release of the mobile operating system of Apple. Studio Samo Pro Minidegree Someone has noticed that, quite evidently, in iOS 14, Spotlight Search tends to ignore Google’s results.

How an Apple search engine would change SEO

However, the default search engine Nigeria WhatsApp Number List on its devices continues to be Google. To have this advantage over the competition the giant of Mountain View, according to the New York Times, would pay Apple between $ 8 and $ 12 billion a year. About two years ago the Apple he hired John Giannandrea, the Apple vs Google head of research of Google. And since then there has been no lack of hiring of research engineers. This suggests that Apple already has a team capable of building a search engine. Confirms it to the Financial Times Bill Coughran, former Google chief engineer. How an Apple search engine would change SEO The SEO it is a sector mainly focused on Google since it has the largest number of users among all the search engines available on the Internet.

Apple’s strengths compared to Google

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Could an Apple search Mexico Phone Number List engine bring about changes in SEO? Probably yes. We should continue to keep an eye on and study Applebot, the web crawler Apple. Since Apple has no decades of research experience like Google, strategies and tactics would also be different. Apple hasn’t confirmed this rumor yet, so for the moment it’s just theories and observations. The announcement of the search engine may be imminent or Apple vs Google  never come true. An Apple search engine, however, would certainly have an impact on SEO because there would be a competitor up to par and optimization efforts would no longer be directed exclusively to Google. Safari is the browser most popular mobile in the United States; Chrome is the second. Apple could become the second mobile search engine. .

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