To do this, go to your personal ERIR

Relevant to their own advertising functions. How to check creatives in ERIR Any advertiser can check which data and the time period it is transferred to Roskomnadzor. To do this, go to your personal ERIR account. You will be asked to log in to State Services. It is very important that you have a verified account. ERIR Personal Account If the State Service does not offer the opportunity. To select a legal entity in the next step, you can register it yourself Agencies and advertisers will only see data about themselves and their contracts. ERIR Personal AccountKeys for Contextual Advertising Negative keyword lists include information requests, markets, and names of oils that the customer does not sell. Later they added the names of areas and streets where there were no chain stores and new brands not on sale.  

Will never make it to their shopping cart

  Hello! This is content agency Let’s Do It. We briefly show you how to write product cards that will be useful to your customers, even if you haven’t written one before. Marketing Japan Email List from the Sholchev agency helped us. Product Card Tasks Product cards in an online store are an opportunity to “touch” the product from all sides. and its features and will be able to see new uses or benefits they never thought of before. Multi Chat collects requests from websites, social networks and instant messengers in  

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The important information about the product. Still need to figure out how to write it correctly. Example of a product card in an online store Example of a d: photo, title, description Switzerland Email List features. Step 1: Gather Useful Informationthe product. For example, its attributes and main features, how it differs from competitors, feedback from other buyers. There are several ways to obtain information about products. Research documents. Carefully read the product’s technical specifications, instructions, certificates and licenses.

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