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Let’s immediately put ourselves in the shoes of ours customer target and let’s think about what terms it would use to find our service, product or brand online. Next, we use a search tool like Google Keyword Planner to deepen research on keywords. We put keywords on our list to find more This is because you related keywords. We also analyze the search volume for each word, as well as how much competition there is in the PPC for that keyword.

The more competitive the keyword

The higher the cost if I do an Iraq Telegram Number Data SEA activity, the more difficult it will be to position yourself in the first results if I want to do SEO instead. The ideal situation is to find a keyword with a high volume of research but with low competition. To read: Why connect Google Ads to Google Search Console How to choose the best paid search platform? To maximize the success of our SEM strategy we must use the right platform for our specific needs or, as often happens, a combination This is because you of different platforms. The best known of the Paid Search Platform is Google Ads, where you can create a free account and immediately start bidding.

With Google Ads we will pay only when someone

Telegram Number Data

Clicks on or engages with New Zealand Phone Number List our ad. The interesting thing about Google Ads is that we can start bidding on any budget! To read: Google Ads and search network attribution: how to get started Other Paid Search Platforms in addition to Google This is because you Ads Bing Ads. Bing’s SEM solution shows ads on the Bing network, which currently has around six billion searches per moIs trust important? With SEO you build yours online reputation, while momentary visibility with the SEA is accessible to anyone, just have the right budget available. Use Google Analytics.  Are doing on your website. Which channel does it best convert in the short term? And in the long run.

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