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Get an excerpt here in the right sidebar.  on Data Makes a Difference. Data Makes a Difference. Leading the Way in Technology Making Mental Health Awareness a Priority How to Extend Zero Trust to Data at the Edge Previous Origins of Samoa Circle Next Getting an Entry Level Security Clearance Job Grey Logo Links to Home Government Circle Help Privacy Policy Terms of Service Site Map Do Not Sell My Personal Information Preferences Project Management Technology Local CO2 Mapping Success With Your Help John Geraci 2018-09-27 Last week or the week before I blogged about what I think is a big problem with global warming and seeing it as a global, not a local, issue.

When you think of something

as global, it’s no longer anybody’s problem.When it’s a local problem it becomes everyone’s problem. I suggest we start thinking about local warming rather than global warming and start mapping New Zealand Phone Number List city CO2 emissions so communities can see and understand what their own contribution to the problem is. What I love about the web is that after I wrote this post someone Phil Green responded and set up a group on a website where people who are interested can crowdsource maps of local CO2 emissions using public data. The group now has six members. It’s not a big flood yet but it’s a good first look at all things considered. It’s better than it was a few days after posting.

Now comes the moment

Of truth for the people in the group or you if you are reading this and want to help will you get together and actually prototype a local CO2 map I think putting together a simple map in a day Qatar Phone Number using existing resources could make a splash and get things going. Do you want to help? If you do go to the website and sign up to join the group. Or by contacting me and I will help you connect with people on the website who are interested in this. The UN Climate Change Conference is now underway in South Africa so this would be a great time. Original Post Related Content Data in Action. Case Study of How Tribal-Owned Casinos Unleashed the Power of Data Cover.

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