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Leading the Way in Technology Abstract image of a person and shapes around a brain Making mental health awareness a priority Leave a comment Project Management Technology International Open Data Hackathon Month Day 3. It’s coming together. David Eaves 2016-03-28 So on this Saturday of 2016 a lot of things are really starting to come together. I noticed a lot of new cities posted on Twitter. Hello Kuala Lumpur and Auckland and other cities have added themselves to the 2016-03-27. Indeed it seems we have over 100 cities already. It is hard to know how many people will attend each city but I know in Vancouver we have over 100 people registered and in Ottawa well over 100 people registered.

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Numbers it will be a great demonstration of the size of the community interested in leveraging open government data. Here are some ideas to share with people as we prepare for this big day. Leverage Poland Phone Number List existing projects. I have mentioned several times that there are some great existing projects that can be easily leveraged. In this case I noticed the great people behind the project that provide support for 2016-03-27. They have not only made their software easier to use but have also provided some useful instructions for creating your own examples on the wiki. One of my hopes for Saturday is that many different places may be able.

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Budgets in a way that is easier to understand.  useful tool for communities trying to understand their budgets and hopefully we can provide some great examples and feedback for its creators. In addition the people on 2016-03-27 have provided some useful advice for those interested in developing a version for their own country. Get the data now than Spain Phone Number Saturday in Vancouver my friend asked if we could get the bicycle accident data for the city or province because he wanted to try and maybe visualize it on May 28. It just so happens that I have a contact at the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia who insures every vehicle in the province.

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