Search engines also have paid search ads

Search engines What is SEM? The search engine marketing, better known by the acronym sem. Is that practice of digital marketing used to increase traffic to a website from. Major search engines such as google,  , yahoo etc.  more simply called search marketing.   With the help of sea (search engine advertising). Sem: seo plus sea in the complex .And infinite land of digital marketing people often confuse  .And  and often ignoring the term sea.

Although the two terms are closely

related and both fall Oman Telegram Number Data under “search marketing“, are two different concepts. Studio  Pro  While SEO’s activity consists in increasing clicks organically, the SEA is based on all those activities aimed at promoting a business thanks to the use of online advertising such as, for example, Google Ads. That’s why SEO and SEA, both integral parts of the SEM, are essential for planning any corporate marketing strategy that wants to grow in 2020. But let’s go in order trying to erase the most common doubts and errors, but above all to understand the basic concepts of SEM.

Danny Sullivan Search Engine Land founder

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recalls that there are two basic China Phone Number List ways to show a website in search results. Editorial  search engine has “ editorial ” or “ organic ” or “ natural ” lists, which are ads that appear without anyone paying them.  Paid search lists  , sometimes referred to as  lists “”. These acronyms come from the way advertisers are charged for these ads. Based on the cost per click or pay per click. In other words, when you pay we are visible, when you stop paying the advertisement disappears. SEM, SEO and SEA – What do they mean? Always using the blog by Danny Sullivan we better explain the terms SEO, SEA and SEM. SEM (search engine marketing) SEM is the technique used to bring more traffic to a website thanks to SEO and SEA. In his blog Sullivan uses the term paid search ie “ paid search ” instead of SEA. Indeed, many marketing experts do. But much more commonly than some marketing experts think they mistakenly use the term SEM when we actually talk about SEA.

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