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Google Maps SEO Checklist At this point we understood the importance of completing our Google My Business profile. But this is not enough for positioning in Google Maps: the ranking requires complete optimization on different levels and often there is not a single magic solution.  GMB monitoring and analysis results Monitoring of results is essential in every aspect of SEO and online marketing, and Google My Business is no different. Most of the analyzes of a profile are located in the same Google My Business account.

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Logging into your account Lebanon Telegram Number Data and selecting “ insights ” on the far left. Here is an example of what Roadside Dental Marketing’s Google My Business account looks like. GMB monitoring and analysis results From there, we should be able to see things like: Which query specific research are active on the ad. How often did the ad appear in Google search. How often did the ad appear on Google Maps. What kind of actions have been taken by customers (e.g. visit of the website, request for directions, calls). Where customers request commercial information from. Which days of the week receive the most calls.

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The only thing that GMB Spain Phone Number List analytics does not offer is a kind of tracking of the rank. The Moz team is working on this still latent aspect with the beta version of Local Market Analytics. LMA not only offers local rank tracking, but also contains a plethora of information about competitors within a market target. Conclusions Although knowing the basics of GMB is an excellent idea, complete optimizations and continuous improvements are what allows you to achieve success. Regularly test the various optimizations within your sector and the market and carefully monitor your results.   Investing in Google Maps marketing we will be able to drive i lead premises towards our business consistently. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments below or in the facebook group From zero to Seo and the Studio Samo team will respond with pleasure

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