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The duplicates that contains all relevant information and has a unique customer ID. Depending on the complexity  of your company structure, this can be a very complex process. What is house holding? Depending on the company, it may also make sense to look at its. You enrich this with the other data sets identified customers at a household or company level.

A private household can be formed based on the same address and with the same last name, telephone number or email. Moving together can also help identify a household. why should you use one when you already have the other? Then you are exactly right here. In this blog post we discuss how a CDP differs from cloud solutions for marketing, sales and service.

For companies merging

A little more challenging. Companies can have multiple DB to Data locations and you may also know multiple contacts within the company with different functions. A grouping at household or company level can make sense for the following reasons.

Only one person within a household or company is contacted, which, depending on the channel, results in lower costs and more relevance External features to enrich your customer data can usually only be obtained at household or company level.

Analyzes can be made and decisions made

DB to Data

At the household/company level. ICT Pcon Ference 2017 However, the prioritization of people within a household or company group must be done carefully, as which person is chosen is crucial for your marketing. By condensing your customer base at the household/company level, you can not only optimize costs and improve relevance.

But you can also look at customer value at these levels, which can be very crucial for strategic customer development. We would be happy to advise and support you with your data-based decisions. Simply contact us using the form below. CDP and Marketing Cloud – How to tell the tools apart May 31, 2023Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a Customer Data Platform and a Marketing Cloud?