You should pay attentio

You should pay attentio So it’s worth carefully analyzing which results appear on the first page, because you’ll have to overtake them. Therefore, when analyzing your competition, it is important to take a look at your direct business competitors, but also analyze other results that appear for our most important keywords. To discover the closest competition from the results, you can search for it yourself in the search results by typing the keywords and browsing the pages that appear in the top positions, or you can use tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush.

The visibility table

Or rather the competitive position table, helps seo expate bd in evaluating your position compar to competitors. This visualization provides information on the number of keywords for competitive websites and compares them with our results. Thanks to this we can determine our advantage and disadvantage over the competition. Below is an example for the pet shop paws. Source: semrush In this case, the tool itself defines the closest competitors and shows their positions in relation to the pages analyz on the table. Additionally, after showing the competition points, the tool shows how many.

Keywords in total are

Visible, and the estimat organic traffic. . Conduct a visibility ICTP Conference 2017 comparison for each competing website Once you have found your competitors, it is worth starting the analysis by creating a table that will summarize their visibility and your website in terms of numbers. Continuing with the example of paws, thanks to the SEMrush tool, we can easily retrieve this data and present it in a table. The first provides a summary of visibility in general, and the second is divid into visibility groups. Looking at this data, we can already conclude that in relation to the competition, the paws website is in the penultimate place in terms of popularity.

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