Why Link Google Analytics 4 to Google Ads

Then start the process by: Clicking through to “admin” in. Google Analytics Look for “Google Ads Links” under the. product links tab, and click. Select the account you want to link under “choose. Google Ads accounts” From there, relevant. GA4 data will be available to you in. Google Ads moving forward. Why. Link Google Analytics 4 to Google Ads? Of course, it’s entirely up to you whether you ultimately decide to link your Google Ads account and your Google Analytics 4 account.

However, as with all Google products

These two tools were specially designed to make beautiful music together when it comes to your digital marketing campaign. Simplify access to your audience The new GA4 interface Brazil Data brings a lot to the table when it comes to understanding web visitors and getting a good read on how people really use your site. This includes valuable information that can clue you in as to whether your landing pages have the desired effect, as well as whether your ads are capturing their attention.

Keep an eye on the big picture

Google Ads can be a wonderful tool for driving lots of traffic to your website (and relatively quickly). But unless you’re thoroughly analyzing that traffic and using your findings to assess Belgium Phone Number the success of your ads, you’re not really seeing the big picture. Adding GA4 to the mix takes care of this problem and makes it easier to get what you want out of your campaigns.

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