Why can removing content improve positioning

Obviously, before acting, the gardener analyzes the tree. Its general health and evaluates how much and what to eliminate from the foliage. Studio Samo Pro Mini degree We Why can removing should include the pruning of ” dry ” content among those optimization activities that are carried out to maintain the position in the SERP or to advance towards the top places. A site, just like a plant, needs maintenance to ensure that over the years large quantities of content that are not very useful and which do nothing but stifle the site’s ability to position itself on the search engine do not accumulate.

To understand exactly why it is necessary

To delete entire web pages to make the Canada WhatsApp Number List remaining ones stronger, you need to be familiar with the concept of Crawl Budget . What is Crawl Budget? Let’s start Why can removing from the definition of Crawl Budget present in the Studio Samo glossary: “The Crawl Budget is the number of pages that Googlebot searches and indexes on a website in a given period of time. So, if your number of pages exceeds your site’s crawl budget, you will have pages on your site that are not indexed.”

Extremely simplifying the concept and relating it to SEO pruning,

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We can say that we shouldn’t waste Google’s Kenya Telegram Number List crawler ‘s time by having . It analyze old and useless pages , duplicate content and anything that wastes resources . That should be used to analyze sections of the site of quality and. Therefore, more useful for positioning. It is absolutely . Why can removing counterproductive to hinder the crawler’s analysis by leading it to dead . Branches instead of guiding it to the lush foliage of the site.  Because this results in a bad positioning in SERP .   The first thing to know about SEO pruning is that it is not an action  . Before Google decides to penalize the site.

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