Where do you want your business to be

It can be challenging in terms of workforce, so this is where tools that are globally available come in, and can help you work more efficiently. A good example is WriterAccess, a content creation platform that connects businesses with expert freelancers to create high quality content. Planning Having the strategy set up, it is time to create long-term objectives and to break into smaller SMART goals. Where do you want your business to be? What are the metrics you need to crunch in order to get there? A nice way to do it is by making an inverted funnel analysis: If we need to have $100,000 per month, we need to have X sales opportunities, that needs to have X MQLs coming from X leads that converted from X visits.

This is just an example

Another way to do so is by breaking these numbers down. Define SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely) goals. You can create it for each quarter/month and also Canada Data define these goals according to each region. See more examples in the Playbook. Do not forget to count on planning tools, like calendars, spreadsheets and other resources that will help you build a skeleton and keep track of your campaigns.

People Assemble your team

Keep in mind that you are pointing your communications towards another location. This may bring different languages but also different ways of positioning and transmitting the same Canada Phone Number message. In this case, having someone from that location to create and/or revise your content is really important. Another important point is about being human-centered. Despite the need for scaling the strategy, remember that you are communicating to people.

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