When you miss a valuable positioning opportunity

Loss of traffic : A fluctuating ranking inevitably leads to a loss of traffic. If I optimize two or more pieces of content for the same keyword, I risk having a secondary/poor quality/irrelevant piece of content jump to When you miss first position for conversion purposes . In the meantime, the pillar content is tossed around on the eighth page of results and no one – or almost no one – will ever read it. I guess you already know that there is no better place to hide a body than the second page of Google! Less authoritative website : SEO cannibalization is a great way to tell Google that your website and content are low quality (even when they aren’t).

Trying to position yourself well by writing more

Content on the same keyword is Australia WhatsApp Number List not a great move and tells the search engine that perhaps it is time to lower the website’s ranking. Fewer conversions : last but not least, , you also lose customers and guaranteed conversions. Returning to the example of the e-commerce site with integrated blog: if you When you miss write an informative content based on a transactional keyword, in addition to overriding the basic rules of SEO, you will swallow up the web page dedicated to the product that you have optimized on the same keyword. And if your potential customers can’t see that product sheet they will never buy. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent the problem of keyword cannibalization and repair the damage once the problem has already arisen.

Preventive measures First you should check if your site

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Here are 2 ways to do it: site:yoursite.com ” : write this text string in the search bar, entering the name of your site + the keyword you want to examine in Turkey WhatsApp Number List quotes, then press enter. The search engine will return all the articles and pages that respond to the entered keyword in the SERP. This way When you miss  you will have an overview of the contents that respond to the same keywords before your eyes. Precisely among these contents you will have to go and look for cannibals, cannibalized… and decide what to do. I’ll talk about it in a few lines. Free or paid SEO tools : there are some free tools, for example serprobot.com , which allow you to evaluate the positioning of URLs based on a specific keyword. Alternatively you can choose a paid SEO utility.

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