Whatever the origin this type of diversity also has its weight

It seems banal and obvious, but it needs to be reiterated: most of the content on a website, and most of the linked content, should be as close as possible to what we do as a product or Whatever the origin service, and therefore relevant to our audience target, because when we do this, we are not simply working to earn links. We’re putting our brand in front of the right kind of people who could become our customers in the future. Link diversity We must remember to also think about link diversity, because we need to make sure that the links are as natural as possible and at the same time maintain the highest quality possible.

New links vs existing links

The ideal condition is that Vietnam WhatsApp Number List of a site that receives many links from different domains. Even receiving more than one link from a high-quality domain is not a Whatever the origin problem and, in fact, is something very positive. However we have to work on trying to get links from many different domains. Links from new domains demonstrate to Google that ours is truly a high-quality website and therefore deserves to be linked. With the same links and quality, it has more weight to receive them from different domains rather than from the same domain.

This must be kept in mind

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We need to take care Philippines Telegram Number List of the links we have already earned. But above all we need to study and keep an eye on the links that our competitors don’t yet have. Whatever the origin Types of link pages A further aspect to consider is . The diversity of the type of page that links to us. Do we receive a link from a blog ? Is it a news site? Is it a forum? , which confirms the quality of our site to Google. In general, we need to make sure we expand the reach of our content as much as possible by trying to get links from many different types of sites. Location of a link You also need to keep an eye on the position of a link on a page.

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