We tell you how Messenger has changed

The audience of “The Messenger” in my country has exceeded 73 million people. This means that one out of every two Russians uses WhatsApp for personal and business communications. We tell you how Messenger has changed over the past year. What new features have been added, and what’s coming soon. Avatars and Neural Networks for Sticker Generation In December 2022, WhatsApp launched avatars – digital copies of users.  on Instagram and Facebook Stickers are reminiscent of Memoji on iPhone. You can choose any appearance parameter for your avatar: from skin tone to makeup and clothing.  

Sber’s animated cats on VKontakte

Speclcoat Stickers Cool stickers that are memorable and go viral, be sure to try creating your own. Or organize a competition among users for the coolest sticker. Also read img Also read: How to create stickers yourself and upload them to Telegram: detailed instructions “Circles” in chat Now you can Indonesia Email List not only musical cards from the whole family, but also short video messages. The feature is similar to “Circles” in Telegram and VKontakte. Mug on WhatsApp To record a video of up to 1 minute, click the microphone icon at the bottom of the dialog box to replace it with a video.  

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Circles on WhatsApp, Diploma in VK NFT and Tinder Similar from SUNLIGHT The Circles feature is already available in the latest version of WhatsApp for iPhone. Video Mexico Email List break up content and help clearly showcase a product or service, such as a ready-made bouquet, decoration or repair process. Channels and Monetization Another WhatsApp update that many people have seen elsewhere is Channels in the new Current tab.

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