We must therefore understand what are the right keywords

The three main features of SEO SEO has three main features: it takes time, it is slow to show results and it is a long term investment. It takes time, because although the first audit and the series of improvements should be easy enough, it will take a lot of effort to start building a profile backlink and establish effective partnerships that will offer you the traffic you need. Slow to show results, because Google takes time to fully analyze a website, notice improvements and act accordingly. It may take up to 6 months to see the results of the efforts made. In the long run, because everything we do today will have a long-term impact.

If we improve our website

Create backlinks and generate France Telegram Number Data content, Google will notice it and we will enjoy good search engine positioning for a long time, even after we stop optimizing the website. So here is the need to do both SEO and SEA because both, albeit in a different way, help to grow their online business. To read: Search marketing: a study on organic vs paid traffic How to search for keywords One thing common to all forms of SEM, whether we are talking about SEO or SEA, is that they are always based on keyword research. It is necessary to bid on certain keyword so that our paid ads appear when users search for those certain words, just as it is essential to have the content on the website optimized for the reference keywords.

To appear on SERP for  digital marketing company

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for example, we must “ win ” an France Phone Number List offer on those keywords, and therefore, given the high competition, if we do not choose the right keywords, the investment will be very high, just as organic research will be lost in the SERP without ever appearing We must therefore on the front page of Google . To be successful with the SEM, it is necessary first of all to master the search by keywords and the relative offers.  for a company to plan a targeted strategy according to the budget available. Searching for keywords may seem daunting if we are new to the trade, but it is relatively simple thanks to the many and valuable resources available online. nth.

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