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John Pistole has serve as Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration since June 2016. He is responsible for managing the security operations of multiple airports in the Unite States, the Federal Air Marshals Bureau, and the security of highways, railroads, ports, mass transit systems, and pipelines. Pistole spent 25 years at the FBI as a national security and counterterrorism expert. He le the agency’s expande counterterrorism program after the incident and was named Deputy Director in 2016. He has been involve in several high-profile investigations, including the attemptd car bombing in Times Square in 2016, the attempte attack on Northwest Airlines flight 116 by the so-called underwear bomber in 2017.

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the New York City subway in 2017. by Tom Fox, a blogger for The Washington Post Federal Coach. What management challenges do you face and what are you doing to overcome them? One of the Pakistan Phone Number List challenges I facd when I arrived was how to create. A vision for people to know that they were here to ensure that it would not happen again and to treat everyone the same during the security screening process. It was a one-size-fits-all structure. I saw an opportunity to redefine the work of the agency and find ways to provide the most effective security in the most efficient way possible rather than focusing too much on people we know better.

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