There are some fly in the ointment

For us as vendors, them as partners and end clients. There are some fly in the ointment, I, with the help of the team, ate most of them, but there are things that will affect you. For example, we are completely rewriting billing; the first changes will be made as early as December 1, and the main ones will be rolled out on January 1, 2024. We will begin to correctly activate all the software that we offer you. Each month we will close only those services that we provided. It’s been asking for a long time, but now there are reasons to do it faster.

I evout this Most of the changes

But it needs to be done. Why am that already exist and will be initiated by me or our management team, and managers and technical support pay for it. This is not very correct. All Brazil Email List are hostile to changes and understand their benefits in retrospect. When you or someone else wants to explain that we don’t know. Jow to do our job, that we do it poorly and are generally terrible people. Do it to me directly, for example, on Telegram .

Why do you have a deal with Beeline?

  Without istortion; if somethingtant, I will take action. And attack support with questions – not very helpful. they won’t answer anything. read-also-img. Read also: “It’s hard to Brazil Email List you” – a sincere Callibri podcast about working in technical support What won’t change? Firstly, there will be no unification of teams and products. We will not move to the Beeline office, we will not wear striped clothes, they will not come to us. We will not make a super-combo product, no one needs it, everyone has their own directions.

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