The weight of a link received from a site does not only depend

For example, if we get a lot of links from website footers, that’s not exactly a prime location for someone to actually click through and get to our site. This means that these hard-toThe weight of a link -reach links may have less value than links in the main body of a website. Studio Samo Pro Minidegree If you receive a lot of footer links, Google may consider them unnatural. Therefore, to avoid problems, it is advisable to also pay attention to the position of our links, both incoming and outgoing. Authoritativeness of a link

We have many links, but who links to us?

Not all sites have the Colombia WhatsApp Number List same weight, even for Google. We must ask ourselves, when we receive a link from a site, how much strength and authority The weight of a link it can convey to us, because these could influence our positioning in organic search and at the same time create a virtuous circle, making us gain links from other authoritative sites. In summary, we could say that quality linking is a combination of relevance, diversity and authority. Sustainability of a link Finally, let’s reflect on some principles to keep in mind for the long term.

Quality over quantity This is also a common sense rule.

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It’s always a smart move to Russia Telegram Number List get the highest quality links possible, rather than trying to amass as many links as possible. Quality always pays and is never counterproductive. Links mean different things to different sitesĀ  on its relevance and authority. But also by other variables. The weight of a link Therefore, from time to time, we need to understand how aligned a domain is with our contents and our services. In light of this, organic search and rankings could change a lot. Google uses many signals Google takes into account a lot of data and technical signals. This means that if we receive links from non-functioning, slow or unresponsive sites, this will be a negative signal and will risk penalizing us, even if the links are numerous. Does the link make sense? Is the link something that makes sense?

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