The positioning obtained is valid at any time and without further costs

This is a question we must always ask ourselves, to do a kind of manual control. We must not be afraid to step outside the logic of tools and metrics and use instinct and experience to evaluate how significant a link is for our site, our customers and our business. If the answer to the initial question is yes, this will most likely be a quality link. And you, do you take these factors into account when .The positioning obtained evaluating the quality of a link? Tell us your experience in a comment below. Often when designing a digital marketing strategy to improve a company’s sales, there comes a time when someone asks the question:

SEO or PPC  In an ideal situation  in which there are no

budget problems and/or other Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List characteristics that impose a choice, one could answer “both” without hesitation, but almost never is everything so simple and linear.   Studio Samo Pro Mini degree SEO and SEA – pros and cons Let’s start with the pros of Search Engine: those due to the intervention of a professional advertiser and those for the purchase of advertising spaces on the search engine. but involves meticulous work that must be developed in the medium/long term . The SEA, advertising done on search engines, has the disadvantage of seeing a double track of costs Optimization .

Optimizing the pages of a website to position them in the SERP

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involves costs due to the Thailand Telegram Number List intervention of a professional. Which are not mandatory if you take care of the activity personally.  But it does not require a .The positioning obtained sum of money to buy featured digital spaces . Furthermore, the effects obtained with SEO do .Not have a deadline after which they disappear, its results remain valid until a change in . The search engine algorithm occurs or until a competitor creates a page.  That answers the question asked by the user better than ours.  Unless the web page needs to be further revised to make it even more performing. One of the main disadvantages of SEO is the fact that it does not allow you to instantly reach the top of the Google results page,

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