That may explain why 9% of Americans

People are now more likely to share their negative experiences online, which can damage a company’s influence and affect its long-term profits. That may explain why 9% of Americans have sought revenge against companies, according to data from the Wall Street Journal, publicly complaining online or in person, seeking ways to cause harm to the company. Customers also seek to “settle scores” financially, considering practices such as no longer 9% of Americans buying from that particular company, looking for competitors or even taking legal action.

In addition, they may also refrain from

Making recommendations to others as a form of boycott. These actions have a significant impact on the institution’s finances and credibility, and may lead to a reduction in the client Greece Data base over time. “Customer dissatisfaction is not just a problem to be solved, it is an opportunity to improve and gain loyalty.” When analyzing this news it is evident that companies must be aware of the impact that their service and product have on consumer satisfaction.

As such, one of the best practices for

Providing good customer service is to actively listen to customer feedback and act quickly to resolve any issues. The role of CX and CS in preventing consumer anger Consumer anger Hong Kong Phone Number can be costly for companies, as it affects their revenue and, consequently, their sales and profits. According to the National Customer Rage Survey, poor customer service could cost companies an estimated $494 billion.

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