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Make sure Google plays lazy-loading content correctly, otherwise the pages of your website will load in half. The future is of Videos The relationship The State of Video Marketing 2020 Wyzowl revealed that ’ 87% Eyes on Artificial of those who had set up a video marketing strategy for their site had significantly increased web traffic, while ’ 81% noted that the videos extended visitors’ time to stay on each page. User side, 74% of respondents said they had purchased a product or service only after watching a corporate video.

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Video marketing has been a trend for Jamaica WhatsApp Number List some years, but will continue to grow in 2021 and will continue to do so in the future: according to Cisco, the videos will soon surpass all other content in terms of consumption. And those who deal with SEO just have to participate in this great revolution and implement a Eyes on Artificial video content strategy as soon as possible, as Google has recently included them in the featured snippet. How to optimize video content? Here are 3 tips: Studio Samo Pro Minidegree Mobile-first: the video must be mobile friendly, and here Google Search Console can help you, as we saw in the first paragraph. Keywork research: as you would do with a blog article or a web page, even to optimize a video with an SEO perspective it is necessary to carry out a keyword search.

Trend SEO the future of SEO

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After identifying the keywords, we Australia Phone Number List will evaluate Eyes on Artificial their search volume and competitiveness with a keyword search tool. Voice transcription: inserting a speech transcript is also useful for both ’indexing – the Google bot manages to better understand the video content transcribed – both to the user who can play the video without disturbing those around him. Optimization of images In the future, images are expected to guide users to purchase, for this reason it is good to take care of SEO optimization.