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On the support page of this non-tracking search engine we read that: “ acts as an intermediary between you and Google: sends your query to Google anonymously on your behalf, then returns Google results to you, privately. Google doesn’t know who made the search request, it only sees .” The Swiss search engine also wants to make things clear right away by declaring that it is “the privacy-safe search engine” and that “your search is your business” . The location of is not trivial, because its strength lies in the well-known Swiss neutrality and in the data center located in the Alps.

The company that manages the search engine

Says it does not store India Phone Number List user histories, uses its own technologies (no Google) and protects children by not indexing hot content. is becoming increasingly known as a non-tracking search engine , but also because it reinvests its earnings in reforestation . They show  Its added value lies precisely in its green attitude, which is also highlighted by the transparency on how much and how the revenues are used. On the topic of privacy/browsing they declare: “We do not create a personal profile for you and we do not sell your personal data.

We want trees  not your data

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If you want a search engine German Phone Number that protects privacy . But with an aesthetic far from Google’s minimalism, is for you. The bright colors and the characters with pleasantly hidden faces.  Are striking and highlight the key concepts. No tracking and no selling of data. But it is not personalized to the user, precisely because they do not use cookies or other profiling . They show  systems. Disconnect Search The search engine with multiple search engines. This is, in a nutshell, how Disconnect Search works. When doing a search on this platform you have to choose the engine from which you get the desired information. Then Disconnect Search refers to the SERP , but making the user anonymous. You can also download an extension for Firefox and . Chrome that allows you to search on Google or other search engines without being tracked .