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For an online shop all this translates into an excellent UX. The experience of the user browsing e-commerce is fundamental for three simple reasons: It is a ranking factor for Google Help sell Build customer loyalty A bad User Experience penalizes you in SERP and drives away users who would like to buy your products. 2 SEO done, but for the wrong keywords If the SEO strategy is set up poorly due to keyword research that does not adhere to the queries that users type to find the products you sell, the result is only one: money spent on activities that do not bring results.

I’ll try to explain myself better with an imaginative

Significant example. Let’s say Estonia Phone Number List that you want to sell millipede shoes online , that in your shoe factory these products are called mill  and that you decide that the latter is the term to use in the e-commerce content. If the SEO Specialist creates an accurate Product descriptions  strategy on your keyword and not on those with which potential customers search for these particular shoes, you will obtain a beautiful online shop made in your image and likeness that no one enters. To sell you need to listen to your audience and speak their language, especially if the audience searches on Google.

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You still find product Singapore Phone Number List pages without the description of the item and . The search engine really doesn’t like this. Studio  Pro Mini degree It is practically impossible to stay on the first page of . Google if you don’t write quality texts. Dedicating Product descriptions  time to creating detailed . Product pages is not only a way to please a cold algorithm. But it is also essential to satisfy the desires of users who need to . Get a clear idea of ​​what they are about to buy . 4  and, in particular, with web content know that copying/pasting to fill the pages of a site is one of the practices to avoid if you want to obtain good results on the search engine.