Optimize the images of an e commerce the operations

Those few words are used by the most attentive SEO specialists to give information to the user. This image tag isn’t a direct ranking factor (note: some experts think it helps rank), but it’s still important to optimize it to. Optimize the images add information beyond the Alt Tag. The Image Title for our example could be : ” the best plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce in Naples ” or ” a delicious sauce for spaghetti” . Image size: There are two factors to consider When we talk about the size of an image we can refer to its size in pixels or its “weight” in bytes .

These two factors are different

It is clear, but both are important Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List when it comes to optimizing a photograph or graphic to be placed on a web platform. Loading an image that is too large in terms of pixels does not (usually) lead to a . Optimize the images bad display on the computer or smartphone screen, because today browsers and CMS automatically readjust the dimensions, but it causes a waste of bandwidth. However, it is good practice to resize the image to make it fit the space on the web page.

To speed up the loading of web pages

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It is also essential to Arabia Email List compress the images, but without excessively penalizing the quality. In this case the relationship between file format and type of .Optimize the images compression is decisive. When you have to are even more delicate, both due to the large quantity of photos that must .   When we talk about SEO and on-site optimization of a website. It is essential to correctly manage the Sitemap XML file. An XML Sitemap (Extensible Markup Language) is a text file . Used to report all URLs on a website and can include extra information (metadata) about each URL. With details on when they were last updated. How important they and if there are other versions of . The URL created for other languages.