Pruning is an extreme action that must be done only if it is understood

Just as you intervene on the code by inserting every last technical detail. You write and update the contents, you create external and internal links. So you should cyclically analyze a large site to identify everything that for.  Google appears to be just a burden and remove it . Making mistakes in this activity means losing fruitful pages that Google had positioned well in SERP and.  Therefore, seeing the company’s organic traffic and business volume drop. Pruning is an extreme Carrying out a Content Audit. An investigation dedicated to the contents of the site. Is essential, just as the intervention of an SEO optimization and pruning expert is essential .   The benefits of SEO pruning.

Rationalize your crawl budget It makes the topics covered by

The site clearer to the search Cayman Island WhatsApp Number List engine Eliminate duplicate and low-quality content Strengthen the action of internal and external links Improves SERP positioning To obtain real benefits from this activity it is necessary to scrupulously analyze the site and carefully evaluate which .Pruning is an extreme contents are most suitable for optimization/expansion and which, however, must be cut without attempting other improvement interventions. Who and how should prune the website? You need a qualified SEO specialist for site pruning that brings only advantages, this must be clear.

It is not enough to rely on an analysis tool

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Apparently logical Mexico Telegram Number List reasoning such as “I published this article 10 years ago, so it is old and I will delete it “, because, respectively, the data extrapolated from a tool must be carefully evaluated and it could risk eliminating ever-green content that continues to produce organic. Pruning is an extreme traffic.  that a content cannot be improved or if it is not consistent with the topics that bring users to the site pages. Before turning on the chainsaw and cutting all those branches that seem superfluous, it is best for the gardener to take the time to examine the condition of each of them.