The professional who deals with the creation of the contents

The analyst does not end his activity once his colleagues have been put to work, but continues even when the site is optimized, partially or totally, with the aim of monitoring the progress of the strategy and the results obtained . What does the SEO Specialist do? This is the professional who actually puts his hands on the site following the instructions given by the Strategist and oriented by the Analyst. A good Copywriter is able to follow the instructions given by the Strategist and/or the Specialist and “package” valuable content that

Therefore not only does it operate technically by inserting tags

Other elements useful for Cambodia WhatsApp Number List indexing and positioning the site on Google or other search engines. But it also creates the conditions for linking to optimized web pages from authoritative external sites. The right term for this last activity is “ link building ”. Studio Samo Pro Minidegree Today the SEO Specialist and, before him, the SEO Strategist must take into consideration the user experience (UX) , therefore all those parameters inherent to the experience of the user browsing the site and which have become ranking factors for Google . Obviously the optimization specialist must also intervene on the contents published or to be published on the site (texts, images, videos) to make them readable by the search engine robot .

This is necessary to ensure that the content appears

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In a good position on Italy Telegram Number List the SERP and. Therefore, brings organic traffic to the optimized web page. The Copywriter or Content Manager assists the SEO Specialist in creating content useful for positioning . What does a Copywriter or Content Manager do? In short: we can no longer think that writing from an . SEO perspective only means inserting keywords into a text. Ignoring grammar, coherence between content and search . Intent and all those aspects that facilitate reading (bullet lists, spaces, bold text, links  .