Digital Marketing or to someone who is totally disconnected from it

An example could be: Topic “ Digital Marketing ” too broad Topic “ CTA – Call To Action ” too specific Topic “ Content Marketing ” right Divide the Pillar into paragraphs and insert links to further information Once you understand what you need to write about, you need to divide the macro topic into paragraphs that respond to the various doubts that the user may have. Furthermore, it is necessary to provide for the creation of in-depth contents which must be linked from the Pillar Page. It is also necessary to carry out an analysis of the contents related to the selected topic already present on the blog or site, so as to link those without proceeding to write new texts which would do nothing but cannibalize those already indexed and, perhaps, well positioned.

It is also possible to optimize the contents already present

Should they require an update or Brazil WhatsApp Number List integration, to make them perfect insights into the theme introduced in the Pillar Page. Write with the target in mind Obviously all this research, construction and writing work must be done with a clear understanding of the type of user being addressed . It is very different to explain Content Marketing to a person who knows the principles of . Not taking this principle into consideration means taking time to attract organic traffic to the site which, however, does not lead to conversions useful to the business.

Another important piece of advice I would like to give is

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Write a lot but don’t write too Indonesia Telegram Number List much . A Pillar must be exhaustive, this is clear by now.  But it must not completely satisfy the user’s hunger for knowledge. Otherwise what would be the point of the in-depth articles linked to it. Last piece of advice, valid for any content written from an.  SEO perspective , aimed at those approaching strategic copywriting. Don’t overdo it . Creating a 3000 word article by repeating concepts and. Or inserting unnecessary paragraphs to respond to the search intent is less effective than writing a . Well-structured and complete 1000 word article. A Pillar Page created with technique and attention will be positively . Evaluated by Google, precisely because it is capable of responding to user needs. The final result of this complex analysis and writing work must . Be an increase in organic traffic associated with greater conversions .