The right approach to designing and subsequently creating

We must see the Pillar Page not only as an extended content that takes into consideration all the main topics connected to a keyword or, better yet, a search intent , but also as a hub from which it is possible to take different routes that lead to in-depth analysis. on the individual themes it contains. Pillar Page, SEO, content organization The right approach to Over time, the organization of content within a blog or website has also changed. Until a few years ago, an SEO team created individual texts that examined individual keywords, thus creating large digital containers of information, but in which orientation was somewhat lost.

The evolution of Google and increasingly targeted

user searches have given rise to Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List the need to better organize content to provide more effective answers and to facilitate navigation within sites. An old-fashioned blog could present posts with similar URLs , precisely because the topics covered were very close conceptually and, therefore, the search The right approach to engine struggled to understand which was the best web page to show in response to a query . The Pillar model includes in a single content the various subtopics relating to a topic and allows the user to click on a link if he wants to know more about a specific aspect presented on the page, but not completely explored.

The Pillar Page or Pillar Article of a blog

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therefore, does not eliminate the India Telegram Number List need to write content on specific keywords , but acts as an introduction to an entire cluster of keywords and as a compass that guides you smoothly The right approach to towards the finish line or the answer to the query typed or dictated by voice. Pillar Page best practices: how to create a pillar pageĀ  a pillar page is one in which you no longer think in terms of keywords but think of a general topic to develop . Studio Samo Pro Mini degree With this concept clearly in mind, let’s look at the fundamental steps to follow to create a Pillar Page.