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If, however, you want to see your brand grow and start climbing the market through search engines , then welcome to the section of our agency dedicated exclusively to SEO. SEO & Marketing: SEO experts are what our agency can do for you Like all agencies that position websites on search engines , at Studio Samo we pay attention to keywords and queries . Content management and server responses (the classic 404, 301 or 500 errors) that your site provides in response to calls from crawlers and users. We monitor and improve the performance of websites, manage canonical, noindex and disallow. In short, the whole set of operations with “abstruse” names, techniques and content, which directly or indirectly favor the global optimization of a website.

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there are words and words. Some Belgium WhatsApp Number List bring a certain type of numbers (traffic? Average position?), other words bring others (sales? Leads? Return on investment?). Our job is to find them all , SEO experts are understand them and ensure that when users search for them they find you . The huge competitive advantage we can offer to your project is that our agency does SEO and marketing. Studio Samo has been operating for almost two decades as a digital marketing agency tout court : ourĀ  not only to position the contents of your website, but to occupy the right spaces within the customer journey to conversion. We have always been working in this direction.

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The broader context of digital Canada Telegram Number List marketing. Our role is not just to find “profitable” keywords and ensure that your content ranks high on Google pages. Nor should you think of SEO exclusively as a SEO experts are means to an end, whether that’s collecting leads , increasing conversions, or driving traffic as well. Our role as an SEO agency is to allow your brand to grow . As? Identifying the right place at the right time: how many touchpoints does the user need to get closer to you? What information do you need to provide and how do you need to do it? Providing assistance: in what ways can we support other channels.