The entire website and Marketing Strategy are negatively affected

August 21 Reading time 5 minutes Roberta Di  Written by Roberta Di  keyword cannibalization Content index What is keyword cannibalization? The damage of keyword cannibalization Preventive measures The importance of planning (because prevention is better than cure) How to solve the keyword cannibalization problem? What is keyword cannibalization? In English keyword cannibalization, keyword cannibalization occurs when two or more contents of a website are optimized for the same keyword . Google gets confused because it can’t figure out which content to place higher in the SERP for that particular query . What happens then? The search engine, which has difficulty understanding what and how to index, gives priority in turn to contents that respond to the same query, sometimes showing one higher up on the results page, sometimes showing the other.

It may also happen that Google positions the URL

Less strong from the point of Armenia WhatsApp Number List view of marketing strategy. But, in practice, how do you stumble upon keyword cannibalization ? Studio Samo Pro Mini degree Let’s take 2 examples: E-commerce with integrated blog : If I optimize a product sheet and an article of an e-commerce site with integrated blog for the same keyword, one page could eat the other. The risk is positioning the article for a transactional rather than informational keyword, while the product sheet that responds to the same transactional keyword gets lost in the depths of Google. And I will convert much, much less. Articles – or pages – that are too similar .

I have a blog and I optimize multiple contents on

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The same keyword or I create Thailand WhatsApp Number List many articles that respond to the same search intent . My articles conflict with each other on the SERP, in other words I become my own competitor . . One content should never eat another content . But what are the negative consequences of wild keyword . Cannibalization and what tools are available to prevent or solve the problem? cannibalization-of-the-keywords-potato-cooking-another-potato . The damage of keyword cannibalization Let’s start with the negative consequences of . Keyword cannibalization .What are the main damages of a problem that can affect anyone who deals with SEO oriented online content? Unstable ranking : we have already seen that, when Google does not know which content to give priority to, positioning could fluctuate between the most effective content from the point of view of your strategy and the least effective one.