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Preferences Statistics Canada data will become open data Background Winners and Next Steps David Eaves 2018-03-27 As some of you learnd last night, Embassy Magazine broke the news that all of Statistics Canada’s online data will not only be freely available but will also be release under the Canadian government’s open data license agreement, which was updatd and reviewd earlier this week. The agreement allows for commercial reuse. This decision has been in the works for months, and while it doesn’t appear to have been officially announce. Embassy Magazine did seem to have manage to get a Statistics Canada spokesperson to confirm the veracity of the decision.

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Some background on who won from this decision, and most importantly. Some hope for what will happen with it and what won’t lead to the next. Background In the Embassy article the spokesperson claims. That this Argentina Phone Number List decision has been in the works for years, which may be technically correct. A decision like this or one like it may have been considerd many times. There have been many trials and projects that have allowe access to certain data, albeit with fairly restrictive licenses. But it’s not clear that an open data culture has been develope and it’s not clear to me that this decision was driven internally. I’ve met many staff who have encountere significant resistance when advocating for open data.

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Manager meeting in the department in May 2016 where I highlighte this issue in a presentation and saw half the people nodding vigorously in agreement and the other half crossing their arms in strong Brazil Phone Number opposition. growing interest in open data couple with the desire to get good news out of statistics after last summer’s census debacle and the fact that many decisions in Ottawa are made centrally I suspect this decision was made outside the department. That doesn’t diminish its positive impact but it does mean that some of the next steps, many of which require Statistics Canada to adjust its role, may not happen as quickly as some would like as it may take.

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